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Euphoric / uplifting trance hasn’t disappeared nor the producers, though the late 90s style is going to be dated due to changes in both technology and society. There is still plenty being made today.

The lower BPM range has merged into progressive house/trance a lot more these days as people who are into it get older and have more responsibilities so they want something they can listen to at home even when not on drugs. Most of progressive trance is simply the same stuff at slower BPMs with more meaningful (and often darker) lyrics, but with a more “European” feel than house. If anything trance in the UK seems to be making a surprising resurgence amongst younger people not all of whom want anything to do with the aggressive, competitive nature of many urban genres and somewhat ironically the wider clampdowns on EDM as a whole from anti-drugs types is pushing what nearly became a commercial genre (in the UK) back underground…