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    on the download now, something to listen to on the way to work tomorrow 🙂

    BioTech wrote:
    Shame, because it’s a wicked tune. Seems that poor vinyl pressings are getting worse. Yet another nail in the coffin as it’s even making me think CD’s seem like an option.

    apparently “virgin” (new) vinyl is becoming a premium commodity – those toffs who listen to classical music are willing to pay bare cash for it, bear in mind these are all the muppets what pay £100 for an “oxygen free” mains cable and think its money well spent FFS :you_crazy

    at the same time there is less money on the dance music scene – so lots of tunes are being pressed on recycled vinyl…

    Sadly I expect market forces will eventually win and unless people become willing to pay £10 per 12″ then CD’s and digital will eventually take over..