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BioTech wrote:
seeing young kids with “polos” round their nose

I like that description lol…

BioTech wrote:
I started going to parties/raves when I was 13 but I had my brother and a lot of his mates looking out for me, plus they ran the nights themselves so I could get to safe areas if needs be.

Yup i went to parties at about that age with my big cousin he an his mates took me along..
I know a lot of people that take their kids to parties up here mainly ones that are going to last a weekend and they bring their tents and the kids have a great time.. the adults look after them and most of us help out too we don’t mind.. at most of the parties we’re at the people that bring their kids know a lot of us and to be honest there is very little risk of anything happening to them
I have however seen some kids that look about 10 totally smashed and that i do think is wrong..