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    DaftFader;233594 wrote:
    tonight i had a very .. interesting time … randomly met these dudes and doll in a pub close to me and got chatting .. it turned out that one of them produces psytrance and the other was an old skool hardcore mc from elevate :crazy_diz .. proper sound ppl. … spent most of the night chatting shit about past experiances as one does … then became enlightened about a pub just down the road from where we were that has a juke box … but .. and that is an allmighty BUT! .. this was no ordanary duke box 😉 … it is connected to the internet and has acsess to about 2 million tunes :weee: … so m8y the hardcore mc thought it would be funny to find some dutch techno/gABBA and play that … and watch all the 50+ croud leave the pub .. “it’s some kind of fucking rave in there” … haha

    aparently they managed to clear the entire pub last tuesday by plaing gabba there on the duke box >.< …. evil .. but fucking funny :laugh_at:

    they’ve got one of them in this pub down where i used to live.. proper quality, you can find pretty much any tunes you want, so good, not so good if you have to listen to some horribly shit b-side of a whitney houston tune that some randoms have put on tho! :laugh_at: