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    If they are in uniform and they are not being harrassed then these days they tend not to complain about it. There’s also loads of coppers on facebook posting with their real names and even pics of their kids and families.

    After all if anyone does stalk them or anything they can claim harrasment and the stalkers will get surveillance put on them and arrested. I’ve also noticed an increasing tendency for officials to have the balls to stand their ground these days on social media and say “we are simply doing our job as society expects us to and have a right to give our opinions as well”, and they will often try and show they have a human side.

    A good example of that was Bé Muller from the Netherlands Telecom Agency who used to track down and close pirate radio stations – He never stopped others filming him and would even explain to them how he tracked down the pirate station and how the equipment in his peilwagen (radio surveillance vehicle) worked, and show that they sometimes caused interference.

    And when he retired from the Telecom Agency he started to upload films of him playing banjo! (to be fair he is quite musical). I’ve seen his linkedin and he puts it down as one of skills (along with knowing 3 languages) that he can deal with the public in difficult and confrontational situtations which is fair enough, and also other less harsh things he’s done like help ensure a big music concert in Groningen had all the correct radio microphones and walkie talkies for the stewards and they did not interefere with each other.