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major incidents were a shooting at our largest local nightclub – people used to use Ipswich for urban music events as its easy to get to from London and didn’t (until these muppets fucked it up) have such strict licensing rules, anyway some beef started between locals and Londoners and a dude got shot dead

Then just before Christmas a old lorry driver strangled six prostitutes and dumped their bodies in various parts of town. There was a massive Police investigation which swamped our local constabulary’s resources – so cops from just about everywhere were drafted in (as far away as Merseyside. as well as a fair few from the Met).

I cycle to work every day right across town and it was surreal, more like riding through a scene in an American detective movie than somewhere in England due to the sheer amount of coppers. It would a major scene for London, let alone 80 miles away..

This all happened in a fairly crime ridden part of town, but whilst all these cops were there crime plummeted (petty burglaries, bad behaviour in the street, vandalism) as even the dumbest criminal or thug tends not to do crime when there literally is a bobby on every street corner… of course when all the out of area cops went crime started creeping back up again but its a sad indictment on “communities” that some folk just can’t behave unless watched..

Remember this shit well, those were dark days you couldnt go from one side of the town to the other without been stopped.