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    General Lighting;305777 wrote:
    plastic buckets tend to be made of thermoplastic. This melts, and eventually the liquid plastic reaches its own ignition temperature and takes fire with considerable smoke :laugh_at:

    but what kind of area do you live in? most people call the Fire Brigade rather than the cops when they think something is alight…it could represent people in danger after all..

    Some years ago this happened to some of my friends when disposing of rubbish in a squat near to a railway line – the Railtrack engineers said there was excessive smoke and a danger to trains.

    The Brigade turned up, helped us damp down the bonfire but they were really sound and explained what had happened, and said “next time call us first on the non-emergency number, (they were only based up the road anyway) if need be we’ll turn up and help you set your rubbish on fire safely :laugh_at:

    use a old washing machine drum next time…

    when cutting a whole in my wall with a industrial disk cutter for new cupboards above my stairs i realised that there was that black brease block type brick crap under the surface … next door nabours called the fire brigade as there were thick plooms of black dust bellowing out my bedroom window :laugh_at: