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    @Seasonz 538850 wrote:

    Yeah i think it’s a shame how few decent EDM nights clubs in our area have. As you said the majority of music played is either really lame music based on eurodance or it’s just charts music. But we are lucky enough to
    have a fairly active freeparty scene which redeems the EDM scene in East Anglia greatly IMO :weee:

    Unfortunately freeparties don’t support a wider music scene outside a small niche of youngish people with free time and transport to repeatedly go to what are often remote areas, and its actually the same small number of teenagers and young adults as each year some drop out from having rigs seized and/or going to University whilst new ones join from the younger age groups. And the only contribution to the local economy from these is tax gained on petrol costs. I know they are fun as I was going to the until comparatively recently but I got the feeling that the farmer must have been left with a lot of balloons to clear up and human shit in his own fields.

    Even though a great deal is cleared up its only about 70% of the trash as last tunes was often on Sunday evening… plus a lot of slightly older people (even age 25+) stop going as they have misgivings about getting busted for a driving offence or fucking up someones farm when their own relatives might own one themselves.

    The paradox is that at UK freeparties they are 90% of the time playing what is mainstream popular music just across the water in the Netherlands. Most hardstyle is from there and it is treated the same and given the same respect as Armin Van Buuren or the traditional folk/country music (soppy songs about love and life sung in Dutch). if they had sense here this would be encouraged into a proper music industry in East Anglia and provided with better venues in return for not doing freeparties in bait locations or causing damage (there are still locations where outdoor parties can be held safely)