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    @MR207 538691 wrote:

    Is it just me or does the radio ruin every single song that I actually start to like?:/

    no, its not you but a lot depends on what radio stations you listen to. Outside public and community broadcasters there are only about 3 formats left now anyway in both the UK and USA youth/urban, adult contemporary and talk/sport radio… (actually the whole world follows these formats now but talks in their native languages).

    The first two have various ways of fucking up good music ranging from over zealous presenters to the inappropriate use of sound processing.

    as well as my day job in IT I am an engineer for our local community radio station and we do take notice of listener feedback, and any other decent station should do so. if you don’t like it then find other ones, I thought there were loads in the USA (there are apparently new community broadcasters starting up as well..)