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    from my understanding of it ( and i left school without any quals) its a conceptual tool. string theory isn’t even a theory, cos a theory has to be testable, and theres no way of testing it. and scientists get just as zelous about there ideas as religious zelots. an example- astro phsicists measure intersteller distances by what they call standard candles. these are type 1a supernova ( a small white dwarf star that circles a larger star sucking matter from it until it reaches a mass 1.4 times that of our sun and then explodes)problem is, recent observations of a fairly close ( in intersteller terms) type 1a going pop deduced that it was not 1.4 times the solar mass, in fact much larger. with this being the case the candles are not standard, therfore all measurements of interstellar distances are wrong and uncalculable, and it puts a right spanner in the dark energy and dark matter theorys. but go on any science forum and try to discuss it and all you get is silence. its all just ideas, most of wich are pretty unprovable.thats why in my thinking the 10 dimensional construct describes all that ever was, is and could possibly be ( theoreticaly) and anymore than that is ridiculous. its all wordplay and mind games anyway. once you get past the 4th dimension (time) its all what if’s really.allthough there are some bloody strange results to be had firing photons at receptors wich really boggle the mind, but in a funny way what they are saying is lifes what you make it(its all a probability wave function until you observe it, causing the wave to break down and become reality ( a quantum event) my head hurts now, i’m going back to oscilating air particles by electromagnetic pulses ( writting tunes as most normal people would call it)