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    funny cat wrote:
    here’s a big sloppy funny cat kiss for you all MWAH!-my way of saying hi i missed you all- even you-use! :group_hug

    cheers m’dear, nice to have the vibe back online.

    i’ve been moving boxes round a factory, but i also had a vj gig with caterax on friday! it was ruud, george t fourth in brixton, techno and mayhem from wrongun . i havent been up to london on a night out for years, scumtek aside, and i havent been to such an ‘avin it night since i was in bristol a year ago (brighton is lame).

    was proper bo, ended up an someone folk’s flat on the bank of the thames, furkin lursh veiw from high up, and by that time i was seriosly wonky. good laugh tho, and top tunes especially from the technophobia boys.

    just off to work to see if ive been fired, i think ive only been in half my shifts for a month. theres only two a week, sat and sun, so its quite easy to be too fucked for one or the other. fri night was worth it, blatantly. vjing is great, and caterax properly knows his shit.