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@General Lighting 395804 wrote:

indeed I noticed a weight gain since moving to EA and not doing as many stimulants. However people are bigger across East Anglia so this isn’t as noticeable.

perhaps drinking less but better cider might be a plan..

Tutts Clump Cider – Homepage

they don’t seem to do online sales but there must be some way of getting the cider delivered to you, I don’t think they are far away..

He does, as well as catching tigers, putting out fires and all sorts of other “action man” stuff. Him and Mevdevev make our coalition leaders look like a pair of pansies TBH (but both are relatively teetotal – Mevdevev has just introduced Western style licensing laws!)

Theres a place 5 mins down the road that make their own cider its meant to be good but I can never really afford it. Simular sort of setup to that site I think. I have instead moved on to drinking cheap scotch and trying not to drink in the week or in the day. Kinda sucks that all I want is a nice crisp cool pint of lager right now. Or fruit beer. Or a light ale.