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@General Lighting 395458 wrote:

how tall are you? if you are tall you may not be as overweight as you fear (I’d also check the scale is on level ground and properly zeroed)

I am just 1.5 kilos over recommended weight for my height but its not worth torturing myself about. (in the last 2 weeks I have not been riding my bike as much as I have been off work, although doing some DIY..)

I admit to having envied Vladimir Putin’s physique (especially considering he is over 50) as I am the same height as him – and if you are short you can look fatter – but managed to find out that gets up at about 05:00 every morning, does a entire hour gym/sports and then goes for a walk with his dog (and then does all the other usual world leader type stuff) and unlike most Russians doesn’t touch a drop of vodka – for me this is way too austere a lifestyle.

6 foot or over and a big build so its not too bad in the sense that I recon if I lost a couple of stone I would be fine enough. I think its lack of exercise, the binge eating and drinking vast amounts of cheap cider. Illegal drugs do have their advantages grrr

Vlad does a lot of Judo doesn’t he?