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I’m on an awesome “diet”. Although it’s more of a change of diet, as opposed to a temporary light weight one. Excuse the pun.

You pay £4 a day, it works out as, which is very literally what you spend on food a day anyway. From this, you get a month’s worth of food. In Micro-sachets. You get a breakfast (cereal, your pick from super-market), then dinner, a really nice soup (Honestly, really nice), then a dinner. This can be from alsorts, depending on what you chose. From Mushroom Risotto, to Tikka Masala. And they are all really nice. Add your own vegi (frozen stuff if you like) and you’re away.

Whilst I have been hungry, I have lost weight. (I’m about 12 stone, but I am luckily, naturally, moderately stocky). Justify side hehe.

The most amazing thing is, that I have had only 1 hangover since I started. Now I drink to the extremes several times a week. And to me, to wake up, at 8am, feeling like I’ve never drank is amazing. I’ve always suffered with bad hang overs. Really bad. I’m known for it. I used to puke green bile after a few Special Brews (My normal tipple). Sometimes even only a few pints of stella, despite not even feeling drunk. I often wondered if I was allergic.

Now I feel absolutely fresh after a night on the lash, and passing out.

This is proof to me, that healthy eating is where it’s at. I was obviously lacking some sort of nutrient, seeing as I haven’t changed my drinking diet.

If anyone wants the detail to this pre-packaged diet, I shall pass them on. All your ordered meals, in a sack, microwave for 2 mins. And some are very, very nice. Better than the frozen shit I eat, or even some of the fresh shit I eat.

Good luck.