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    Yeah Moby’s changed now hasn’t he, l think he went into mixing trip hop with rock or something. I’m not clued up on modern music, l’m just assuming if something radically different were to happen, l’d have heard about it somehow, ya know like on the radio or whatever.

    Do you ever get the feeling that a musical instrument is like a brain when on drugs, you know, simplified. Hallucinations are often geometry-based, similar to pure waveforms that synthesisers make as opposed to the more complex sounds of birds singing or cars revving up. Music is the drug, they say.

    So, maybe a new musical instrument will be instrumental in change… or maybe just a type of sound, e.g. a new sound effect that really warps a basic saw wave or accoustic guitar signal. You know how the Juno hoover effect is basically the defining sound of hard dance, maybe there will have to be a new sound wave like that.

    Anyone heard any interesting sound waves? Any cool sound effects that aren’t just posh reverbs etc?