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hardcore veteran
    Dan Ooops! wrote:
    I was at a party out west somewhere around 92/93.

    The track from the road to the farm was always full of people wandering up and down. Right by a big muddy puddle, this traveller guy was asking people for money:you_crazy . Nowt wrong with that, but personally I prefer to give money to people who earn it with entertainment.:crazy_diz

    His entertainment was to shout “Pound! Face down in the mud!”.
    :laugh_at: If someone gave him a pound, he would just fall face first into this puddle. If they didn’t he would just cover them in mud from the puddle, whether they were in a car or walking. Absolute class!!!!:crazy_dru

    We gave hima couple of quid and laughed our sox off as we carried on the party.

    And that reminds me, when we tried to leave, my dodgy old van had knackered windscreen wipers, so as we drove off, about 300 yards away was an OB car just watching the ravers leave. Three of us with our faces pressed up to the windscreen looking horrified that a copper coudl see we had no wipers…..

    hate to say it but that bloke was zander from spiral tribe cos i offered him 2 pounds to do a backflip into the mud,he is sound as a pound ,the mad things sum of us do when were chemically twisted.Aint life great!!!! i think that party was in stratford upon avon???