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    27 super goat wrote:
    I know Canada produces decent films and comedy. In Germany though the public broadcasters are not up to much (I used to live there).

    Deutsche Welle had some good stuff – then again it was a few years since I last listened to them (the LAN in my old house was unshielded cable which killed shortwave reception). I have also let my German get too rusty 🙁

    I’d much prefer to see a minimal licence fee being spent on programming that wouldn’t otherwise get made. That side of things has little to do with the commercial mass-market bollocks that ITV does so well.

    thats exactly the sort of thing I would like to see the BBC doing

    as for infrastructure they already spent a load of cash for that 8 years ago, but they could well have gutted out half their studios, sold the stuff off cheap and then paid over the odds yet again for new kit; they have a habit of doing stuff like this and thats where the money goes…

    andy – radio 4 has done the most over time – the list of successes that started there is unending

    local radio could improve big time though – a few hours every weekend for local urban music instead of pandering to middle englands tastes all the time… I’d like to be able to hear D&B and techno on radio Suffolk at the weekends, not country and western – FFS Needham Market is not nashville even if you do have a cow or two…