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    27 super goat wrote:
    but most other nations’ public broadcasters are rubbish!

    canada’s are OK; some of the French and German ones produce good stuff (but of course you need to to understand the language, or tune in on shortwave for English broadcasts)

    The BBC its doing a good job but maybe it could do a better one for less money out of our pockets.

    the BBC makes good programmes and wasting the money on celebrity pisses me off but if it’s what the public want I have to accept that I’m in the minority

    but do they have a choice? everyone has to pay the licence fee or they get nicked. Thats what I object to TBH

    it may seem harsh but if it means there is less decent stuff on telly I’m perfectly happy to accept that for not having to pay for it. I know people say you don’t have a choice with ITV but not every product is advertised on there and the conventional broadcast ad market is declining as the internet takes over… yes, I know ITV is pants now but thats “market forces in action”.

    there are also various “old guard cliques” keeping a tight hold on who gets anywhere in the media and whose projects get commissioned (as Ricky Gervais was pointing out a few days ago…)

    we can (and do) make our own media and entertainment. I’m not totally anti public broadcasting by any means but not the stealth tax of the licence fee…