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27 super goat
    General Lighting wrote:
    canada’s are OK; some of the French and German ones produce good stuff (but of course you need to to understand the language, or tune in on shortwave for English broadcasts)

    but do they have a choice? everyone has to pay the licence fee or they get nicked. Thats what I object to TBH

    I know Canada produces decent films and comedy. In Germany though the public broadcasters are not up to much (I used to live there). Some of the locally produced stuff is excellent but it’s very rare. Unfortunately the schedules are full of dubbed American trash.

    I’d much prefer to see a minimal licence fee being spent on programming that wouldn’t otherwise get made. That side of things has little to do with the commercial mass-market bollocks that ITV does so well.

    andy – radio 4 has done the most over time – the list of successes that started there is unending