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    i have vestax pdx 1200’s … there leet .. only thing is the durability .. i have used techniks as well … i prefer vestax for a few reasons … stonger motor so faster pick up speed … +/- 12 and +/- 50 sliders you can mix in those older slower tracks of your fav style or make so mad mixes up like madness and andy c ect… and they go backwards witch can be fun …. vestax imo are much better decks they just don’t last aslong … some one i know payes £50 a year to vestax for them to be checked over ..this keeps the garantee for another year and you can keep doing this forever as far as i know … thus fixing the durability problem … if you wanna just buy decks that are solid and will probably work forever then get tecknics .. if you want to do a bit more than just to mix one tune into the next eg scratching and want that little bit extra go for vestax … but be sure to not let your garantee run out or you will end up with expensive junk if your not carefull … like me ;( ….. but i would still buy vestax again even tho i have one broken one .. it was kinda my friends falught tho .. not vestax’s as he spilt vodka n coke over one … but i have had other problems with them b4 that one deck compleatly broke ..

    note to all. never buy a vestax mixer .. they are so flimsy its unreal .. mine broke 3 times in the first month of me haveing it … and no i wasn’t throwing out of 13 story buildings :laugh_at: