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    mate u learned on Geminis 🙂 you’re gonna be good on any decks now!

    Ive got Technics MK5, and you know with technics its all blah blah blah, cos they ARE the industry standard decks. Personally I love them.

    Technics MK 5 G are one up from the Mark 5s and offer a button to set the pitch at 16

    I havent got a lot of experience with Vestax, I might have had a mix on them a few years ago, pearly plastic ones with a “superpitch” option… i didnt like them…but i had only started mixing then, so no great insights there….

    Its worth bearing in mind though, even if you ARE careful with your gear, if something isn’t robust to start with, it will soon show signs of wear n problems. To my mind. If someone puts sommat in a crappy case with crappy quality plastic…. how much care will they take with the internal components?????? Technics as you know is guaranteed quality…..The cases are metal and rubber… They are solid through and through, bits are easy to get and the truth is, unless you have a very nasty accident with them….. you should never ever ever need to replace them…

    It might be worth – if you can’t borrow some techs to try again – to see if you can either find a local disco equipment shop or even a pub or club that will let you try theirs, or to hire a pair for the weekend should only be about £50..

    PS. YOu can get new technics around £300 each and the second hand ones are finally falling in value it seemsm as CDJs get more popularm – Ive seen them go for £300-350 a pair…..