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    Ruff Beat Provider wrote:
    Technics only have 8 pitch range which i didn’t used to think was a problem but now i relise it aint enough! Vestax have 10 which is better but sometimes wish i could push them a bit further. I know what you mean about the numarks it does get boring constantly fixing the pitch but tut the 20 pitch range is useful!
    Why cant technics or vestax make a modle which is as reliable as therir others but with a larger range>?

    I’m a Technics fan thru n thru . . . . . . :love:
    BUT . . . I have only ever played on Vestax once, but one thing i soooooo wish Technics had was better pitch range. For one reason only – i have a fair few oldskool house n hardcore choons, which i never seem to take out, simply because they are just too slow, a few are ONLY JUST too slow, how annoying is that grrrr!! So they sit at home .. . tragic, really.
    +10 – or more, would bring all of my old vinyl into play – they not ready to retire yet – bit like me!

    *sighs:cry: (:cry:,because can’t have Technics OR Vestax at mo)