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MrAHC;223202 wrote:
Theres a lass neer n=me who is deaded up to the max and drives round in a merk 308 thats campered up just to show of and be ‘diffrent’ and to piss mum n dad off. She aint got a clue about alternate life styles other than music festivals and the odd camping trip.

actually one of the funniest things I saw was welsh traffic coppers with dreads and dressed like 1990s ravers in a gleaming silver mercedes saloon car at some Welsh teknival, driving it around to collect numberplates on ANPR

if they had used a grubbier car they would have maybe fooled a few more people, but it was more like a scene from a comedy cop film like hot fuzz…

At sheff multi rigger we handed out a publication we did. It was a squaters mand seff sufficiency parper styled on the METRO news paper.

do you have the computer files for this still? (or a scan of it?)

We need to wake the masses up!! But most folk are to scared!

I don’t think they are scared – The masses are angry but dumbed down and don’t know how to deal with it or don’t want to.

f they were scared there wouldn’t be so much violence on todays scene and people prepared to fight coppers (who always win because they are better trained, disciplined and have society behind them) or so much crime in the streets and towns where the “downtrodden youths” are robbing off their own community.

They simply don’t care because theres shitloads of other things for youths to do and they can and do still drop back into the rat race when they get bored of raves or it gets too on top to do them.

A lot of youths don’t want to do self sufficiency etc because to them its boring and they’d rather snort K and play Xbox. At extremes some will just end their own lives and/or those of others.

The harsh fact is the middle englanders are actually stealing a march on the next generation with the “back to basics” lifestyle and if we aren’t careful it will be done their way in a very conservative and austere fashion…