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    I went along to my local (albeit tiny) one, it was completely peaceful and coordinated with the support of the police. It’s not likely that much will come of them, but hopefully more people will be aware of the issue that would be otherwise, and it has gained worldwide media coverage for what is a controversial and potentially very damaging policy. A lot of people are very angry and it’s good to make a point rather than just sit at home complaining! The pressure needs to be put on the local MPs though as well as Uni officials, I personally feel annoyed because before the election I had a 20 minute chat with my local Lib Dem MP mostly about tuition fees and their promise to reduce them over the next 10 years, I voted for him and he won the seat for this constituency, and now they have made a complete reversal on policy. Plus the idea of commodifying one of the best education systems in the world is just fundamentally wrong in my opinion