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    Hi Process ,
    I hope that aint BCF(Bromochloromethane) or Halon same stuff , as that shit is not good for you . And Mister police man it is against Geneva protocols to set them off unless in the event of a fire . It adds to the ozone depletion , im sure they are not ment to use such things . If i was the fire extinguisher company that services those extinguishers i think the copper would be getting a nice bill right now .

    Mister policeman im chargeing you for the miss use of extinguishers , anything you may say will be taken down and given in evidence . Oh and heres a ticket of an £80 fine ……role reversal lol .


    yeah its haylon and he’s a police medic! :you_crazy

    seems like the medics love getting involved, this from the anti capatalist protests…