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    my parents pretty much forced me to go to uni. I fucking hated it, and did not stay there very long. I did learn about the Internet (two years before it was released to the public) and some useful things about computers and got access to things I wouldn’t have been able to afford normally. But this was 20 years ago, and now people can afford loads of cool stuff even if they don’t earn all that much.

    I left in 1992. I only paid off my student loan in 2002 and it was a fraction of what they are now. Financially I’m just as well off as most graduates and at least had fun during the 90s. In recent times I have been socialising with people my age and older who did study hard and get good degrees and do all sorts of brainy things. A lot of them, unsurprisingly, worked up the road at British Telecom and were recruited as graduates and had really cool well paid jobs.

    Half of them have all been laid off and are now competing with half the fucking world for work (and these are solid IT/engineering skills). The other half have had to accept boring ,soulless jobs with little creativity to stay in employment.

    the funding for any creative project (other than self-funding) just isn’t there.

    TBH I’d say to anyone what wants to go uni to study arts/creative subjects, don’t even bother. if you want to create art/music/multimedia stuff, just fucking do it!

    don’t expect it to pay the bills though with regular work, those days are gone.

    Just get a normal 9-5 job, save up your money and buy the equipment you’d normally use in uni. you can teach yourself and there are people online teaching for free (at least whilst youtube etc lasts). or get together, rent out cheap spaces and create your own “university”!