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spark wrote:
Is there a reason WHY they havent hired anyone even temporary to help pick up the slack? The further a team of people working together get stressed and demoralised the quicker everything seems to become harder and disintergrate…

there usually is and its money.

This is often a sign that your company is going to go tits up fairly soon. happened in a place I worked for, went from being a dream job to a complete fucking nightmare in the space of 3 years, to the point I was glad when I was actually laid off and spent the last year just using the companies resources to boost my IT/tech skills and blagging what I could from there (and TBH even the bosses didn’t care as morale was so low at that point!)

Maybe thats more how blokes deal with it, and other more drastic methods – although of course torching your employers premises after robbing the place or beating up the boss will eventually get you arrested even if you take steps to hide forensic evidence.

Of course this isn’t perhaps an option for company what deals with people, it is somewhat more difficult to re-sell clients children or elderly relatives in Western nations – not much of an easy market.

Id start just using the works PC’s to do your CV and making a list of what skills you could transfer to a competitor.