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    @spark_plug 221362 wrote:

    you never like the tunes anywhere u go! ur just too picky:bounce_fl

    Nah I just like stuff that aint as popular as the norm. Well seems that way. Everything Is like slow techno. I like me hardtek ;D Or just generally anything fast and hard I can go mad to. I especially love oldskool techno, but no fucker ever plays that. Ive raved to one set about a month ago on a legal night by a local crew. It was fergus, and was a fucking wicked set. Loved every second.

    At the fair was some reggae, which is nice to listen to, but not to dance to. Also some punk and other acoustic stuff. Was a DnB rig there too. Actually forgot about that, we went to the other side of the fair, it was well to packed around that area.