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    Copied my post from another thread to here, as it’s more relevant . . . .

    Wasn’t up for going to SF. Was knackered from work. But my sister is here for the weekend :love: (she lives in nottingham) and had never seen my son’s band The Shivers play live, so had to be done.

    I was a very very proud mummy, they were headlining the Acoustic Bar, they’ve done about 8 SF’s i think now.
    And they were awesome! I prefer them live as there’s always the added comedy/fun element, the in-between songs moments, always a friendly and lively crowd.

    We got slightly messy – before we went heehee – and the lift we got in took us straight back to the car after The Shivers. Halfway home – i thawt Hang On i didn’t go to the green and yellow tent or anything noooooooooooo!! 😥

    SF should be a 2 day thing so u can go back the next day to go round stalls and stuff – i wanted to buy a program and just wander round. Used to be a major day in my social calender. Yesterday i spent more time getting ready to go – than i actually spent there wtf :you_crazy
    Is it me or do the ‘yoof of 2day’ hurtle through life in such a rush, they miss half of it. I just see people cramming so much into a day, no time to stick around and see what else is happening! busy busy busy. raaa

    Roll on next year!