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Pachamama wrote:
the problem with it at the moment is that the board seems to be populated mainly by three distinctive types of people – the teenage crackheads (conversation goes like “yeah bruv, i smoked loads of rock yesterday huh huh, safe” and ” so and so takes it up the arse”), what I would call the Elite (the boards most prolific posters who seem to only converse with themselves and will not waste any time to snub/patronise the new members, and finally – the biggest group – trolls.

Squatjuice is literally full of people who have 10+ logins and usernames and post with the sole purpose of shit stirring and offending people. The bitching and ego wars that happen there are almost like EastEnders – the only difference being that the instead of Queen Vic you have some squalid pit in the depths of Hackney and the tipple of choice is a line of K LOL.

There is actually a very dark side to what goes on in there – somebody already mentioned arrests being made on the basis of information from SJ, also there cases of people deliberately posting sensitive info for personal vendettas etc. For example one female SJer posted a link to a porn movie starring the other female SJer, there has been info posted about people with STDs (yuck) and posts about people dying when they havent.

Sounds yucky :crazy: