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    arkadarka wrote:
    but you still ask the user to pay too someone must be making money here
    thats all im saying
    im not going to have a rant at your board mate im just visiting

    Fundin the techno revalution m8. Aint got a clue whos makin iff anyone or even if its coverin costs? feck all to do wi me, i aint never payed nothing to anyone on here apart from buyin some speakers.

    every penny thats erned by AHC through scrap, donations & antique sales goes right back into the ’cause’ and i’d like to think that happens here.

    what you put in you get out not just in a financial way, thats why i think pv works better than sj. if you put in lame & negative enegy thats what you get back, if you put in something positive thats what you get.