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General Lighting

    a lot of legal / commercial promoters don’t like the fact we won’t let them post until they suscribe and walk away from here (even though all they need to do is be friends wiht someone what is a subscriber in their region and they will plug the event if its a good’un)

    SJ used to be alright until about 2005 or so; it even had a friendly (if strange) community of people many of whom I have partied with in real life when I lived in SE England.Then for some inexplicable reason people dealt with police in SE England getting heavier on raves by turning on each other rather than working together and it all went slowly downhill. Lots of people what started out as real life friends are now enemies and only barely tolerate each other because of ketamine… and people (not just trolls) actually brag about stuff like fights and vandalism at parties knowing the cops are reading which isn’t a clever thing to do..

    last SE England party I went to in 2007 a whole bunch of people was arguing there about stuff what had gone on on SJ…. OK all this politics can easily happen without the net but at least here it would be stamped on , we don’t go for this bogus “free speech” argument when it destroys peoples real life social networks…