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    Not to brag or anything but I think I found a better test…. The above test gives basic speed information but no real info you quality or capability of your connection. My favorite Broadband Speed Test site is – Broadband Speed Test, Voip Diagnostics, Internet Bandwidth Forums.

    Click on Broadband Diagnostics then TCP Quality Test or Speed/Cap Test and the rest is simple. They also have a true speed test, voip test (very good for testing streamed radio also) and a couple of other things.

    You get data back like this (testing my connection)

    Speed test statistics
    Download speed: 7437424 bps
    Upload speed: 1646448 bps
    Download quality of service: 97 %
    Upload quality of service: 95 %
    Download test type: socket
    Upload test type: socket
    Maximum TCP delay: 76 ms
    Average download pause: 3 ms
    Minimum round trip time to server: 60 ms
    Average round trip time to server: 61 ms
    Estimated download bandwidth: 35200000bps
    Route concurrency: 4.7328215
    Download TCP forced idle: 77 %
    Maximum route speed: 8738000bps

    Plus it even gives you graphical data such as this (based on the test above).

    MyConnection Detail Analysis