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    elretardo87 wrote:
    I’m afraid if you bought an eminence delta 15lfa its not really suited to your cabinet. It won’t sound horrendous but you won’t be getting the most out of it. You have essentially bought a drive unit designed for bass applications so with the 1″ compression driver your gona be left with a serious dip between the hipass of about 2khz reccomended on the peavey compression driver and the steep drop in output above 1khz of the eminence driver.

    Better off going with what was in the originally which would be a peavey black widow. We used to have a pair of HP400’s (well when I say have I mean it in the loosest possible sense but I have dealt with them before a fair bit) anyway the best driver we could find was a peavey black widow. Phone peavey and ask which one I can’t remember which one we used in the end as there were two that were suited since they updated the design. A rig needs to cover a full frequency range or it will sound pap….as bass ain’t everything

    are the tops bw’s 2?yea deffo no what your sayin as i have 3 12 inch which i use for mids an a tweater box on top so i cover the full frequency range quite easly.hense why i said they make good bass cabs at the mo because the rest is coverd (dont mean to sound rude but i do pretty much no what im doin just a litle advise here n there dont go amiss as you never no what yer gunna learn…) thanx any way i will get on peaveys case an see what they gota say as i personally think they are 1 shit hot pair of speakers…what about the xover will peavey be able to help with this to or do you no of a better source?