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    csquared wrote:
    Im a singer, blues and jazz mainly. I’ve always played with a full band so I never had to purchase my own gear. I’ve been offered a new gig singing lounge style at a fine dining pub (think early 40’s, dinner music, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerlad, etc.). What do I need along with my mic to produce a smooth live sound in an intimate setting? Also, anyone know how to record this so I can promote this as a new avenue for regular gigs? Any advise is surely appreciated.

    ok from the top – to help you people will need more detail here or anywhere else

    are you being amplified at the moment? or do you plan to be? if so what kind of amplification did you have in mind [ a small enough venue may not require amplification]

    [we liked the SM 52 sennheisser mikes for live stuff though you may already have a favourite]

    next is the instrument – do you plan to mike them up or is someone else doing that? this will be crucial to all other advice given

    once you have decided whats being miked up then you know how many feeds there are; i would then advise a small mixing desk [try them out as you dont want anything that is going to sound tinny] for mixing the stereo image of the music and adjusting relative levels of different components

    for recording you will need the desk for it to sound good; once the mix is right you can take a feed off a desk and run it to recording equipment [could be a laptop, tape recorder, etc]

    to be honest what you need is a sound engineer to help you set this stuff up and teach you to use it; in a perfect world you would find a good sound engineer first and get them to help you with the rest of this
    [you choose a good engineer by asking around and listening to their work; if you dont like how it sounds dont use them; once you have them FGS take their advice]

    hope that helps