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    noname;226632 wrote:
    The pics look wierd because the tuning frequency is wrong – you should tune your boxes to a value slightly higher than the Free air resonance frequency (Fs) given in the driver specs. You do this so the unnatural peak in response at resonance is damped by the air mass of the box and ports (your box response will have a steep rolloff below the tuning frequency, essentially damping the tendency to resonate inherent in the driver).

    The response curves show a box tuned way above the right frequency for the driver, resulting in a large peak in response at the tuning frequency – this is very bad (the main reason for a box in the first place is to make the response as flat as possible – your speakers and amps should be as linear as possible, meaning they should introduce as little alteration in the character of the sound reproduced as possible.)

    You wire it:

    //////////////////////////////////////////// |—3–Amp—4—Bass Speakers
    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ |
    Decks—>—-Mixer–1–EQ—2–Xover|—3–Amp—4—Mid Speakers
    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ |
    //////////////////////////////////////////// |—3–Amp—4—Top speakers

    The Actual wires needed will need you posting the makes and models of each piece of kit – what I would generally expect to find on the equipment is:

    1) Mixer to Eq – 2 cables, one for left and one for right channel would likely be female XLR to either male XLR, or 1/4″ TRS jack (the XLR cables are wired with pins: 1=Earth, 2=Hot signal, 3=Cold signal… If wired to a TRS jack, it will be wired: T=Hot signal, R=Cold signal, S=Earth. If one end is not balanced line – likely the mixer if any, then just short the cold signal to the earth one at the non-balanced line end)
    2) Eq to X-over, again one for each channel likely female XLR to male XLR, wired as above.
    3) X-Over to amps – one stereo pair per frequency band (ie lo, mid and hi). Should be Female XLR to male XLR, but may be female XLR to 1/4″ jack – see the wiring for 1 for wiring info. You will have 3 pairs (ie 6 cables)
    4) Amps to speakers – could be various combinations depending on the amps and speakers. Basically each is a 2 core cable, with a +ve and -ve. Hopefully it’ll be speakons both ends in which case 1+ and 1- need to be connected at each speakon – ie 1+ to 1+, 1- to 1-. If you have Jacks, then the tip will be +ve, and the sleeve -ve. If XLR, pin 1 will be the -ve, and pin 2 the +ve….

    Hope that helps – if you need more help, post the makes and model numbers of each piece of kit for me and I will go and check the connectors etc…raaaraaaraaa

    Aah well that first part made a lot of sense to me. The fs of the drivers we have is 45Hz so I’m guessin I should tune em to about 50-55Hz?

    Yeh this is all the inputs/outputs for all the stuff we have:

    EQ-Phono in/out

    Xover- 3 Female XLR inputs/6 Male XLR Outputs (Its got other stuff but we wont need to use it for now I dont think)

    Amps-Just normal amp stuff. Phono in/Bare Speaker wire out

    This is how I assume it should be done but I’m probably wrong.

    DecksMixerEQXoverAmpBass bin

    Thing is I’m sure XLR-Phono wouldnt work coz theres 3 wires comin out of the XLR but only 2 wires that lead into phonos???????????????

    cheers for all the help, noname. Your a useful chap:wink: