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    General Lighting;226627 wrote:
    fair enough, was reading the list at the first bit of the post where you mentioned a old Realistic amp (I remember these from the early 90s!) I’d use that for the monitor speakers only TBH….

    Yeh well its only 100W so not really powerful enuff for any of our other boxes and it weighs a tonne! Aah thanks for remindin me about that coz when I turn our monitor on I can smell burnin. Need to have a look at that coz were already borrowin an X-over and 3 amps (hopefully, need to get that sorted), not wantin to have to borrow a monitor as well :hopeless:

    In fact I’ve got a mono PA amp layin about. I could use that to run the bass-bin so then I’d only need to borrow 2 amps if it is. Havent really had a look at it tho.I’ll have to see whats what.

    Oh yeh I just realised why did I even think that the Xover came after the amps in the 1st place, would’nt be able to send one signal thru 3 amps without it (Unless theres another way)