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    (From Xover post) Rete, basically know wot I’m doin now cept I cant figure out exactly what cables I need. Also dont know exactly wot order everythin goes in and coz these are the only problems I have for now hopefully I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone with this post!
    Heres how I think it should be done but I’m most likely wrong

    Decks>Mixer>Graphic EQ>3 amps>X-over>Bass-bin/mids/tops

    I think that the X-over might go before the amps but I’m not rete sure.
    Yeh so can people tell me
    a) Which order this shit goes in
    b) What cables I need (the only ones I know for sure are the ones that connect the decks n mixer cuz I’m just THAT useless:cry:)

    Coz I havent got a clue:crazy: