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    sheffield-junglist;221243 wrote:
    I know that I have another thread open about the sound system I am building but I thought I’d start again as plans have completely changed (But for the better)

    I have actually got somewhere with this now. So far we have:

    A sealed bass-bin with 2x 12″ eminence drivers (Could probably find out what models they are if need be)

    A mid/top box with 2x 12″ eminence BETA 12A LT drivers in it (Which isnt built yet)

    A high box with 2x Selenium ST324 slot tweeters in it (Which also isnt built)

    The main thing I’m wondering is if it would be best to build the tweeters and 12″ mids into the same box or if it would be better to have them seperate (I’m thinkin seperate but I could be wrong)

    When we have the money, we are also going to build a HOG design Scoop bin. I’d post the link to the plans but I dunno where they are on the web, I’ve just got a print out of them that I got off my mate. That will have an 18 inch driver in it and will hopefully tear down anywhere that it is placedraaa
    Electronic biznizz:

    Realistic MPA-100 amp
    Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496 Xover (On loan)
    Marantz EQ551 Graphic EQ

    Thats about it for now. Apart from the obvious gaps in the system, namely not having enough amps, can anyone see anythin else?

    yeh, I’m just looking for general advice and any problems I might encounter etc..


    seen i reckon we kno some of the same people. u kno any other rigs?