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    sheffield-junglist;226765 wrote:
    Aah well that first part made a lot of sense to me. The fs of the drivers we have is 45Hz so I’m guessin I should tune em to about 50-55Hz?

    Yeh this is all the inputs/outputs for all the stuff we have:

    EQ-Phono in/out

    Xover- 3 Female XLR inputs/6 Male XLR Outputs (Its got other stuff but we wont need to use it for now I dont think)

    Amps-Just normal amp stuff. Phono in/Bare Speaker wire out

    This is how I assume it should be done but I’m probably wrong.

    DecksMixerEQXoverAmpBass bin

    Thing is I’m sure XLR-Phono wouldnt work coz theres 3 wires comin out of the XLR but only 2 wires that lead into phonos???????????????

    cheers for all the help, noname. Your a useful chap:wink:

    Thats pretty much it – the phono to XLR’s will only be wired pin 1 and pin 2 on the XLR end (they will likely short pin 3 to pin 1, but not always). That way they are wiring the signal of the phono plug (ie the center pin) to pin 2 of the XLR (which would be the “hot” of a balanced line cable), and the sleeve of the phono to pin 1 (which is the signal ground of a balanced line). Pin 3 (which is the “cold”, or inverted signal in a balanced line) is not used, and is normally shorted straight to ground (pin 1)…

    Always happy to help though (you can PM me when you do a party if you want though – I live a ways from sheffield, but if I’m around the area I could handle a Jungle night out :wink:…. raaaraaaraaa)