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    I think the situations a lot bleaker and society is way more divided than people will admit to.No ones yet mentioned that unlike the nutter in Cumbria at least 6 other people from the local criminal fraternity have been nicked by the feds who cared about him enough to assist him, supplying guns, motorcars and helping him hunt down coppers.

    I do think there should have been early interventions, but once someone is physically strong and is able to bully and control others they will keep on doing it until the whole of society shows them it is wrong (which is ultimately what the cops were trying to do). At least we are in the UK where they tried to negotiate and take him alive.

    In many foreign nations including other “right on” European places police snipers would have just shot him (justifying it by the fact he had committed one murder), so in those countries the nutters tend to use explosives as well as firearms. A case in point is a bloke in Estonia what murdered his missus, then calmly walked up to the cops (as if he was giving himself up) and and dropped a 3 second grenade with the pin out right at their feet! He took out a trained female officer who was the negotiator, a police dog and a brand new patrol car (about €150 000+ worth of public money as well as lives lost)

    I think intervention has to happen much earlier at end of junior school/start of high school age and bullies need to be retrained then. If it means a bit of “minority report” stuff so be it. Otherwise more blood will be shed.

    to be fair youth workers in London and such places are trying it but it takes public money, and here we are as relatively affluent middle class young people in a rich country moaning about taxes on fuel, VAT, income tax..