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Souns like your proximity to London has a lot to do with it, all the hardest blokes from around here seem to either be London, Scotland or Pikey, but because the general society doesn’t see the shit caused by these people because there are less of them (nearest city being oxford which couldn’t collectively fight out of a paper bag), I think they just getr respect through fear and inexperience.

Yep. I think it makes a lot of difference. We’ve also lost two nightlife venues and about 50 jobs directly through the actions of jumped up wannabe London gangsters, others through locals acting like muppets, there is also a big backlash against people what can’t control their habits (be they drugs or alcohol) acting like idiots and the majority of otherwise decent people are fed up with this. its not perfect here but by and large I find this place to be nicer to live and work in than Reading and London where I used to live before..