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    @Moonie 441121 wrote:

    GL I think that’s a bit overboard to be honest, most people actually don’t give a shit whether you get into one fight or not, and certainly wouldn’t boycott a business because of it, unless you cater to a particularly elderly market or something. When I was younger (and if I lose my temper then occasionally now) I used to get in a fight a week basically, and nobody stopped going to the golf course I was working behind the bar at, and we are full up with jobs where I am now, even though my boss is a well known local nutter/hardman.

    I do work in healthcare where they check CRB’s closely and there is zero tolerance of violent behaviour. That said the same applies to businesses which deal with kids and the public including many customer facing roles.

    Where I work if you have been in a fight in high school and can’t explain it in the interview and prove that you have grown up a bit you are less likely to get selected. if you lie about it you will be sacked and it would be classed as fraud.

    Also getting into a fight in your mid 30s and getting arrested and before Court doesn’t look good as your name and adddress goes in the paper for all to see. I’ve heard of a lot of people my age losing their jobs because they get into a stupid fight (particularly related to footy) and this is even in occupations like IT and the construction industry. The concern of bosses is that they might react violently towards a paying customer in a stressfull situation, and things like that have happened before. someone in their teens or 20s might be given a chance if they are a good worker, but still watched carefully. in your 30s you are supposed to be a grown man who has learned self control. You are expected by society to act less impulsively and recklessly which I think is fair enough.