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    My god what have you done now? :group_hug

    Ouch – bruised mine years back and it fooking kills!

    Your Health – Coccyx Fracture

    did it about 2months ago in laos. was at this shit club and i pointed at this wooden post sticking out of the floor and said i would rather be fucked up the arse by that wooden post than listen to anymore of this shit! and then i somehow managed to spin round and fall over and land bang on top of it! lucky i didnt do anything more serious tbh! still hurts like fook when i get up and sit down. made my 48hr trip back home pretty uncomfortable.

    ill probably pass on a exam from the doc tho!

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    The doctor will ask about your symptoms and how the injury occurred. A physical exam will be done. The exam may include a rectal exam. During a rectal exam, the doctor places a lubricated, gloved finger into the rectum and feels for any abnormalities. If the coccyx is fractured, your doctor may feel abnormal movement of the coccyx, and you will experience pain. X-rays

    no thanks! :hopeless: