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Down Low
    BioTech;226941 wrote:
    That’s where you will hit a problem. If you were to do it right then the only way to upgrade this system would be to buy another one.

    Obviosuly you could purchase and add different types of cabs/amps to beef it up but then you would be heading down a dodgy road. The fact that you are considering void tells me that you probably want to do this the right way rather than builing a massive pile of mismatched speakers to inflate your ego.

    Of course if you ever wanted to spend a load of cash in the future and start a larger pro-audio rig then this Void system would make an absolutely cracking monitor set up!!

    Hahaha foiled! Seems you read my motives right from the off. Yep you’re right I don’t really want a pile of mismatched speakers I want a nice sounding little rig to play my tunes on. The upgrading thing isn’t a massive issue as, as already stated, we don’t really intend to put on parties any bigger than say 150-200ppl.

    Bio Tech thanks man, you’ve been a big help.