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Man, the current drug classification should definitely be scrapped. Though one should be very careful going about it as not to give off the wrong impression, though Alcohol is more dangerous than say E, it doesn’t mean popping 10 E’s on the weekend, is better than going out on the piss. E’s can have some serious Psychological effects, as anyone who has done that many may have experienced.

But how do you go about telling people “alcohol is worse than acid, but you are not allowed to take acid, but have a bear”. This would mean the law would have to change to reflect the you classification. A sudden legalization of everything under say for example tobacco under the ‘danger scale’ would mean pharmaceutical companies probable competing for the market, as with all products and wanting people buy as much as possible for the money and targeting youth (think of tobacco companies and drinks companies nowadays!), though tax of these products could be channeled to more useful sources than prison (for those arrested for possession) e.g. schooling health, the sale of substances would still have to be tightly regulated, but how exactly?

Anyway I may have gone a little of track and branched off slightly, but I hope I’ve raised at least raised a couple of good questions. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.