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He had no idea where he was or how he’d got there he was totally confused.. the party he was at he didn’t really know the people too well.. was someone’s flatwarming that he said he’d met at a free party..

He felt sick as yesterday and threw up numerous times couldn’t eat anything and felt weak as…

I know this person can’t handle hallucinogens so i’m not sure if he was spiked with something like that.

All i know is that this person can handle both their drink and their pills.. so god knows what it was.. he must have been desperate calling my old flat and leavin me a message that said HELP!!! and then another that was totally garbled took me ages to read and kind of understand what he was saying about being spiked etc..

If i found out who it was that had done it i’d kick their ass… spiking people isn’t funny and this could have ended alot worse.. this guy would have had to walk along the river Clyde to get to the west end from the south side.. not Good