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@ShaftInvader 470133 wrote:

This to transport all your tunes in? :laugh_at:

You got to get special rubber bits to go in between the tracks on vhc’s like that to drive them on the road. Got to be worth it tho as that’s be fooking sweet driving a tank. My and my mate used to always talk about it, he nearly bought a tank over in Poland about 10 odd years back at a black market over there lol, but decided not to when he thought about getting it through customs. :laugh_at:

Yeah I know all about the procedures for making them street legal. But I’m seriously considering saving up and buying something like that. I mean, when you’re in a car you always have to be worried about keeping the vehicle you’re driving intact. With the tank you only have to worry about the impending mayhem you will inflict on others. Imagine showing up to a rave in one of those?