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General Lighting

    Citronic have stopped marketing it in the EU but its sold under the other brands including American Audio (here it is at Juno UK). You can’t (yet) swap the firmware between the various models nor is it advisable unless you understand Chinese (I think the S60 will display in Chinese).

    in many Asian countries DJ’s mix a bizzare combination of trance, hardstyle, jumpstyle and random cantopop on 3-4 decks, plus the theme tunes off Japanese cartoons. A lot of the remixes are locally made and distributed by the “you want DVD?” dude :laugh_at: Plus many Chinese still live in the family home until their late 20s/30 or older – in some areas you are still expected to live with your parents even when married with kids, the parents get the ground floor so they don’t have to climb steps and the younger people have to build the house above them. Mind you its not too far off that in rural areas here :laugh_at:

    in Chinese familes a young person might be berated for collecting obvious music/studio kit as it is “distracting them from studies / work ” (unless its playing the piano or violin) – but both genders are otherwise encouraged to learn about electronics and computers – the controller just looks like another bit of computer kit. Hence why these things are popular but many DJ’s want them to display Chinese characters on the display.

    American Audio Versadeck DJ Controller at Juno Records

    this Chinese girl in her 20s compiled a chart of Cantopop with English explanations so if you don’t understand Cantonese (and I don’t!) you can hear it. TBH I struggled with the maths she used for the chart!