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    Ruff Beat Provider wrote:
    Would you say it Is advisable to speak to police if they turn up then! i think i’d just be worried that as soon as the organiser spoke to them they’d be like “so you organised this party then?” and then you’ve put yourself in it!

    if the cops start approaching the rig then someone has to speak to them – you do need someone who is calm, well spoken and not known to the Police for doing any other sort of crime, particularly stuff like twoccing or fighting…

    you even don’t need to directly admit to organising the party, just say that you know some of the people will have a word and try and get the music turned down/negotiate a shut down time

    most of the time the cops can’t actually be fucked with doing all that paperwork and calling for backup unless people really have taken the piss and caused problems to the wider neighbourhood.. even if they nick people they need to justify why they have done so and a rave that isn’t causing other problems isn’t actually anti-social!

    I know lots of people who have spoken to them and not got arrested or had any sort of hassle.

    OTOH if someone sensible from a crew doesn’t speak to them its possible that idiots will take matters into their own hands and throw bottles/cans – at this point the cops can declare whats called a “code 00” incident (cops being attacked) and use whatever force they feel is necessary to close down the event